Adeife Adeoye

Content Marketing Manager + Content Writer + Content Strategist 

Welcome to my space!

Hello, I’m Adeife Adeoye. I’m a content marketing manager, content strategist and content writer.

I’ve been creating content, developing marketing strategies, and managing content teams for the past five years.

My core competencies are in SEO, content writing, editorial, content distribution, social media marketing, content marketing research, search engine marketing, content strategy, marketing management, project management, and product-led growth.

I live and work remotely from Lagos, Nigeria. This is my website where I share my portfolio of work and other things.

Some of my Published Pieces

Cold Outreach Personalization is Dead: Do This Instead | Coldlytics

That's the number of search results for cold outreach templates on Google. If you are about to search for another cold outreach template to tweak. Stop it now! Years ago, you would have gotten away with copying and pasting templates, but it's different now. Did you check your inbox today? How many emails did you get? How many caught your attention, how many did you read, and how many did you reply? Your prospects are going through the same thing, too - even worse because you are one of the t

How To Track and Optimize In-App Micro Conversion in SaaS?

When you think of micro-conversion, what comes to your mind? As a SaaS marketer, you are probably thinking of the conversion of a visitor into a paying customer. Paying and loyal customers are indeed the main goal for SaaS companies as it’s directly related to revenue. However, before a user becomes a paying customer, they must go through a series of small steps – such as visiting your pricing page, requesting a demo, completing a task in the checklist, discovering your features, etc. These s

Adeife has done some great marketing for my site. Adeife is very creative and attentive to detail. Adeife always brings new ideas and follows them through. Excellent work Adeife. If you need marketing services then Adeife is the person you should contact.

Norman Elliot, CEO at AuthorizeDoc

Adeife is not only talented, but hard working, reliable, and fun to work with. I'm so fortunate to be able to call on her for our copy needs. She's thoughtful, responsive, and her writing is well thought out.

Gabriela Bazan, CEO at GLB Design & Development

I'm also a content creator on TikTok and podcast host

Outside of work, I am a content creator on Tiktok with over 10k followers and 2M+ video views. I create content surrounding career, lifestyle, and fashion. I also host the "Step out & Glow!" podcast,  a lifestyle and personal growth podcast for women ready to stop playing small and transform their lives from the inside out.

What I'm working on

Currently - Senior Content Marketing Manager at T Williams & Associates, a full-service accounting firm.

Formerly - SaaS Content Writer at Userpilot, a cloud-based product experience platform. Content Marketing Manager at Penpalms. Content Manager at Eulahub. Content Writer at GLB Design & Development.

Wanna talk about content?

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