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Services offered

User Generated Content Creation

What is it?

UGC creation or User-generated content creation is a type of content that (I create), and gets posted on your social channels and can be used as ads.

With UGC, my role is solely in content creation; I refrain from posting it on my own page. The good thing about UGC is the fact that its often perceived as more authentic and genuine because it comes directly from users. This authenticity can be appealing to other users and potential customers.

What is included?

1. Research on brand and concept Ideation

2. Scripting 

3. Filming & editing

4. One revision

5. Post performance analysis to optimize strategy for future content

Add-ons (Paid Ads)

  • Raw footage
  • UGC Photos
  • SEO captions and hashtags
  • Re-films
  • Monthly retainer
  • Rush Fee (1-3 days)
  • Exclusivity 
  • IG Reel cover photo

Add-ons (Organic content)

  • Raw footage
  • Multiple Hook/CTA variations
  • Exclusivity
  • Paid ad usage rights
  • Full usage rights in perpetuity
  • DFY content for multiple variations
  • Re-films
  • Multiple aspect ratios
  • Rush fee (within 1-3 days)
  • Exclusivity
  • Monthly retainers

Influencer Partnership

What is it?

As an influencer, I'd be creating content for your brand and posting them to my community of loyal followers who trust me on anything remote working, finance, lifestyle, and personal development related.

TikTok partnership

  • Content posted directly to my page @adeifeadeoye
  • 1x in-feed video post
  • 7 days link in bio
  • Reposting rights
  • 30 days Ad code

* Add-ons include crossposting to Facebook & Instagram

Instagram partnership

  • Content posted directly to my page @theadeifeadeoye 
  • 1 Reel & 1x in-feed carousel posts (3 photos)
  • 7 days link in bio
  • Reposting rights 
  • 30 days boosting rights

* Add-ons include collaboration post, story set (3-5 slides), and crossposting to Facebook & TikTok

Social Media Strategy

I offer social media strategy services for B2B SaaS & Tech brands who want to learn how to implement social media into their current content marketing strategy. Please click this link for more info

My Process

The process begins with a discussion of your project's goals and requirements. Once aligned, we'll can kickstart the project. For detailed inquiries or to kick off a collaboration, feel free to contact me via