Senior Content Marketing Manager at T. Williams & Associates

Content Marketing. Social Media Marketing. Content Strategy. Graphics Design. Email Marketing. Copywriting

T. Williams & Associates (TWA) is a virtual USA based accounting and bookkeeping firm located in Kansas City, Missouri that uses technology and virtual platforms to service your books, payroll and tax preparation. The firm is devoted to helping small businesses and individuals experience financial success by providing friendly, professional support at reasonable rates.

I oversee the company's marketing, SEO, social media, blog content, and email marketing. I consistently partner with the CEO and marketing manager to define strategy, share best practices and create content plan to generate traffic and leads.


  • Produce high-quality articles, blogs, email marketing messages, and social media content to be used at every stage of the buyer's journey.
  • Started, developed, and produced an editorial calendar for social media.
  • Designed a consistent set of images, creative assets, and templates for the video, blog, email, social, and all other campaigns.
  • Design and execute social media strategy across multiple channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), resulting in growth in engagement and conversion.
  • Generate, edit and share engaging content daily on social media channels.
  • Work with Patty Robb, marketing manager, to monitor and analyze social media performance across channels, providing monthly wins, learning, opportunities, and insights.
  • Collaborated and coordinated projects directly with the Founder. Fully remote and contract-based position.

Church Budget Guide Project

In 2021, the CEO decided to shift focus from targeting small business owners to majorly churches. Her goals were:

  1. To get sales-qualified leads (SQL) in the church industry using content marketing
  2. To attract church leaders looking for accounting services.

So we decided to create an article, lead magnet (ebook), and landing page that would focus on our target audience and the problems they are looking to solve - budgeting.

Article: Ultimate Guide to Creating your Church Budget

I also wrote, edited, and designed the lead magnet with Canva.

Together with Tania Williams, the CEO and an external website designer, we built the landing page.

Landing Page: Church Budget Guide

Social Media & Content 

I enjoy coming up with social media ideas and bringing them to life through Canva. Here are some of my social media designs:

I also contribute to the TWA blog, here are some articles written by me:

    How to Start an LLC – TWA-Blog

    Forming an LLC is relatively simple. You can set up an LLC by following the steps below: Before registering the name in the state where you plan to do business, check available online directories, the secretary of state’s office for your state, or your county clerk’s office to make sure the name is available. It’s also wise to do an online search to ensure your name isn’t too close to another business’ name and that you’re not inadvertently associating your business with meaning or movement tha

    How to hire an accountant – TWA-Blog

    Hiring an accountant isn’t as simple as finding a professional online and hiring them. Your accountant is a crucial part of your business, so you have to take your time before hiring one. Here are some steps to take before hiring an accountant: The first step in hiring an accountant is identifying what level of financial help you need. If you’re having serious financial problems, you need a full-time accountant. If you’re in a good spot with your finances and need help with bookkeeping or tax s

    How To Avoid A Tax Audit: A Guide For Business Owners – TWA-Blog

    A tax audit is a review of a taxpayer’s accounts and financial information to ensure the information is reported correctly according to tax laws. Tax audits are usually triggered by deductions of income listed on a tax return, but taxpayers can also be selected at random for a tax audit. All tax audits are not equal, and some are more daunting than others. Depending on the information you gave the IRS, you might receive a notice that an IRS agent wants to audit your records. Here are the types

    Main Tools/Technologies

    • WordPress
    • WordStream
    • Canva
    • ActiveCampaign
    • Airtable