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Preparing Your Small Business for Post-pandemic Economy – THISDAYLIVE

Earlier in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world with a storm, causing a global health crisis. Along with the painful health crisis, businesses worldwide face global economic challenges, including unemployment, recession, total lockdown, collapse in demand, and uncertainty. There have been improvements in the health side of the crisis, but what about the business side? Now that the country is gradually relaxing the social distancing guidelines and work start again, what will your business
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How to hire an accountant – TWA-Blog

Hiring an accountant isn’t as simple as finding a professional online and hiring them. Your accountant is a crucial part of your business, so you have to take your time before hiring one. Here are some steps to take before hiring an accountant: The first step in hiring an accountant is identifying what level of financial help you need. If you’re having serious financial problems, you need a full-time accountant. If you’re in a good spot with your finances and need help with bookkeeping or tax s
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How To Avoid A Tax Audit: A Guide For Business Owners – TWA-Blog

A tax audit is a review of a taxpayer’s accounts and financial information to ensure the information is reported correctly according to tax laws. Tax audits are usually triggered by deductions of income listed on a tax return, but taxpayers can also be selected at random for a tax audit. All tax audits are not equal, and some are more daunting than others. Depending on the information you gave the IRS, you might receive a notice that an IRS agent wants to audit your records. Here are the types

How to Start an LLC – TWA-Blog

Forming an LLC is relatively simple. You can set up an LLC by following the steps below: Before registering the name in the state where you plan to do business, check available online directories, the secretary of state’s office for your state, or your county clerk’s office to make sure the name is available. It’s also wise to do an online search to ensure your name isn’t too close to another business’ name and that you’re not inadvertently associating your business with meaning or movement tha