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SaaS Automation Tools: Best 15 Tools To Include in Your Stack

Are you wondering which SaaS automation tool to use for your business? Though automation is essential for business growth, you should choose the right one that suits your budget and meets your requirements. In this guide, you’ll learn about the best automation tools you should be using in your SaaS. • SaaS automation is a way of making manual processes automated with the use of a SaaS service. • Marketing automation can help you reduce time and effort on repetitive tasks, optimize workflow, an

The 15 Best SaaS Blogs and Influencers To Learn New Techniques

Are you looking for the best SaaS blogs and influencers to follow in 2022? You’ve come to the right place. We curated a list of the best SaaS blogs and influencers to help you learn more about SaaS and increase your revenue. We covered the best blogs on SaaS growth, product marketing, UX analytics, venture capital, and sales. • The Userpilot blog provides well-researched, in-depth articles on user onboarding, product growth, product growth, user experience, and so much more. • The ProductLed bl

Product-Centric vs Customer-Centric: What’s the Difference

Product-centric vs customer-centric: which approach do you use for your SaaS business? By understanding the difference between a product-centric and a customer-centric approach, you can create a strategy that’s aligned with your SaaS growth goals. In this article, we will examine product-centric vs customer-centric approaches and discover how to switch your SaaS business to a customer-centric approach. • A product-centric company focuses its attention on the product regardless of the customers

How To Create In-App Notifications Code-Free? [+Best Practices Included]

Are you using in-app notifications for your SaaS product? When done right, in-app notifications can help you engage users, improve user retention, and reduce churn. In this article, we will cover everything about in-app notifications. You’ll learn what they are, and some best practices on how to use them. In the end, you’ll know how to create in-app notifications code-free. Without further ado, let’s get started. • In-app messaging is a type of message that is sent to users while they are act

12 Upselling Examples From SaaS Companies That Drive Growth

Looking for upselling examples that you can apply in your SaaS to drive growth with account expansion? It’s NOT as simple as: “Hey, you bought this product. Why not go for this higher tier plan for $5 extra?” Upselling for SaaS requires engaging with your users at the right moment with the right in-app message. In this article, we'll go over what upselling and cross-selling are in SaaS companies, how to measure their success, and what are some of the best examples of upselling tactics to kick

What is Product-led Onboarding?

Product-led Onboarding in SaaS: Convert and Retain More Customers (Part One) If you’re in the SaaS industry, you’ve probably heard the phrase before. As a SaaS content marketing manager, I hear and see it every day. When I first read about “product-led growth” on the Product-led Growth Collective, I was like, “okay, it’s a great idea but do products have the power to sell itself?” Then, I read the famous book “Product-led Growth: How To Build a Product That Sells Itself by Wes Bush” on Scribd

Competitive Differentiation Strategy: How to win in a hyper-competitive SaaS market

Competitive Differentiation Strategy: How to win in a hyper-competitive SaaS market Competitive differentiation is a strategic positioning approach that helps buyers distinguish your business from similar competitors and give them a solid reason to choose you. Seth Godin, an American author and former business executive, was right when he said: I mean, there are over 16,000 SaaS companies in the US. So it’s not far-fetched to say that you’re not the only one offering your service. If you ask

Personal Background

I have a B.Sc in Mathematics and wanted to pursue a career in cybersecurity, but I developed a love for content writing at a very young age. I started freelancing at 16, and the rest is history.

In 2020, I started a content marketing agency, Penpalms, where I took on B2B clients and managed and trained over five writers.

Recently, I started a newsletter, Get Paid to Write, which teaches other writers how to earn a decent living without having to go through all my struggles as a content writer without guidance.

I’m also a contributor to the Coldlytics blog, where I write about cold email marketing.

Here's a post I wrote for the Coldlytics blog: Cold Outreach Personalization is Dead, Do this Instead.

Matt McQuinn was kind enough to write this about me:

Adeife is a rockstar! Fast turn around and really spot on with everything she does. We hired her immediately after completing her first contribution to our website to edit an upcoming case study we're doing with ZeroBounce. Very very happy this far and have already referred her company to a new client. Writers like this are one in a million. Look no further. Work with Adeife; it's the right choice.

My Clients

Content Writing

Adeife is not just an excellent writer but also brings team spirit whenever she is working with others. She is professional at her work and keeps to time in delivery. I employ you to get her on board and experience her professional services for your business growth.

Ugochukwu Nwosu, CEO at Eulahub


In 2021, I wrote the website copy for XpressTeller, a Nigerian Fintech company. The goal was to explain the product’s features as clearly and simply as possible so the readers could understand the benefits.

Click here to read the entire process:

XpressTeller Website Copy

I revamped the entire copy of another client's website (Techgism) to give it a new feel and communicate their offering better.

Visit now: 

Techgism Website

Content Strategy

My work constantly revolves around developing content strategies. I wrote a post that details how I approach content marketing projects and develop content strategies.

I recently published an editorial calendar roadmap showing how I build an editorial calendar to plan and organize content


I help clients with their email newsletters. To see my work first-hand, you can subscribe to my newsletter, “Get Paid to Write.” It teaches writers how to scale their writing business and make money.

Here’s what a writer had to say about one of my editions

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I created an infographic in place of a blog to share marketing strategies to help SaaS companies increase signups and ROI. I made the outline and content, then I designed it with Canva


I created a guide on a lead generation guide titled “How to go from Zero to fully booked.” I designed the ebook using Canva and built the ebook landing page with Hubspot.

Check the landing page here: How to go from Zero to fully booked

I also created another ebook on Facebook Ads, the “Facebook Ads Strategy Guide.” Click here to see the entire process of the ebook from start to finish

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My inbox is always open, you can contact me with the contact form here or with the details below:

Email: adeoyeadeife8@gmail.com

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