My Content Journey

My journey as a writer began with my dad, who was a freelance writer - I guess you could say writing runs in the family.  Being exposed to the craft from a young age instilled a passion for writing in me, and I soon found myself creating B2C content for my dad's clients on Fiverr. While I enjoyed the work, unfortunately, I wasn't getting paid - so I sort out to look for a way to write and earn.

Determined to turn my writing into a profitable career, I did my research and stumbled upon Upwork, which opened up a whole new world of opportunities. For the first four years in my writing career, I wrote across multiple niches, from health and HVAC to real estate and marketing. I even ventured into writing cookbooks and autobiographies - which made for some interesting times.

In 2022, I decided to pivot into B2B writing for SaaS and tech brands, a move that has been one of the best decisions of my writing career. In just one year, I have been fortunate enough to work with amazing brands like Hackernoon, Userpilot, Faros AI, Churn360, Document360, and hopefully, you as well 😉.

Over the past six years, I have worked in both in-house and freelance writing roles. This has provided me with a unique perspective on the industry and a strong understanding of what it takes to create effective marketing materials for businesses. Whether you are a solo marketer, a busy entrepreneur, or a large marketing agency with high content demands, I can help!